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Pool tiles

Pool tiles

Pool tiles are subject to very important physical, chemical and mechanical stresses, due to the pressure of the large mass of chlorinated water they have to withstand. For this reason it is important to make sure that they are labeled as swimming pool tiles. Despite the blue, in all its shades and colors, it is the most popular colors to pave the bottom of the pool, there are tiles in many colors, ranging from white to red, from taupe to purple. The different colors allow to create interesting mosaics with characteristic effects to be appreciated by the pool. The realization of mosaics must be carried out by expert hands, so it is always good not to improvise, but to contact expert personnel for the correct laying of the tiles.

Pool and pool side tiles

When creating a swimming pool in a garden or in a paved open space, it is good to choose tiles that blend perfectly with the exterior. One of the materials that allows you to take full advantage of its features both in a water environment and in a dry area is certainly porcelain stoneware. The purchase of porcelain stoneware pool tiles makes it possible to create a bathtub that can be perfectly integrated into an outdoor flooring, also in stoneware, creating a very elegant continuity of materials and colors. However, it must be remembered that, although the material is the same, the type of tile cannot be identical, given that pool tiles and outdoor tiles do not have the same characteristics, although they are both very resistant and non-slip.

Swimming pools with special shapes

Many swimming pools, especially private ones, do not have the classic rectangular shape, but more or less particular profiles, often dictated by space requirements, sometimes by the owner's flair. In these cases, the presence of real drawings on the seabed, created by the alternation of different colored tiles, makes it possible to give greater emphasis to the external shape, emphasizing its meaning. In this case, it is good to choose the materials taking into account the colors that must be used. In addition to stoneware, another very popular material for swimming pool tiles is ceramic klinker, with very similar characteristics, but klinker is a more economical product, perfect in the case of both pool and outdoor tub flooring.

Swimming pool tiles: Black and white

When the pool is not placed in a garden, but on a paved area, the colors to choose for the tiles can be very varied, depending also on the flooring of the area where the pool is to be inserted. Swimming pools inserted in paved areas can create interesting color contrasts between the external and the submerged tiles, which can range from an elegant black and white to a more classic white and blue, to try out daring combinations, such as black and red. Naturally these choices provide simple forms of the tank in order not to create heavy or excessively eccentric architectures if not in bad taste. Often these alternations of color are also used for representation bathtubs and compositions involving basins and waterfalls.