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Question: tomatoes and weeds

hi to all is it better to put the tomatoes and then remove all the grass from the garden? if it rains or not?

Prepare vegetable garden for tomatoes: Answer: tomatoes and weeds

Dear Christian,
when preparing plots in the garden, it is good to first remove the weeds, and work the soil well, mixing it with manure or slow release granular fertilizer; this operation should preferably be carried out a few days before planting the plants, just as you see farmers doing in the fields, who first break the clods, leave them in the air for a few days, and only then smooth the soil, prepare the furrows , and put pientine or seeds. If your garden is overgrown with weeds, it is important to eradicate them all first; on rainy days, work can be simplified by the fact that the water softens the soil, and therefore it will be easier to completely remove the roots of weeds. Once you have removed the weeds, spread the fertilizer you have chosen on the ground, and then turn the sod with the pitchfork (or if you have a lot of ground, with a rotary tiller, which is certainly an excellent aid also for the DIY ortolan) . In turning the soil, break the clods well, and if you think you have excessively compact or clayey soil, add sand or pumice stone, which will increase drainage, as well as manure, which will improve the final texture of the soil. After a few days, with the rake, work the soil well to level it, and only then will you have everything ready to plant your tomatoes. Consider that over the weeks you will have to continually remove weeds, because some will not have been perfectly removed, while others will be produced by seeds transported by the wind or birds; therefore if you leave already with the soil free from weeds your tomatoes will have the possibility to develop at best as soon as they will be placed at home, and besides you will have the possibility to wait a few days before starting to remove the weeds. It is definitely much more comfortable to remove harmful plants when the plots are uncultivated, because you can work with a hoe and a pitchfork; while when there are plants already in the garden you will have to remove the weeds taking care not to damage the plants that you have planted. And this applies not only to tomatoes, but to any plant you want to plant in the garden: first the soil is well prepared, and weeds are raised, only after seeding or planting the seedlings. Carrying out these operations on the contrary does nothing but complicate your life.