Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Those who are lucky enough to have a large house with an outdoor space, which can be a garden or a terrace, can work to transform it into an even warmer and more welcoming place. An outdoor space, furnished in the right way, can become an idyllic and original place. There are many accessories that are able to make a garden or a beautiful terrace: vases, pergolas, umbrellas, candles, chairs, garden cabinets are just some of the elements that can furnish a green space well. It takes very little to create a small green oasis. Outdoor furniture and sofas can enrich a garden, but also hammocks and swings, can transform your garden into a real playground. To further embellish a garden, you can buy a rocking chair in wood, very durable and of excellent durability. Or you can put irrigation systems, which you can create through the faidate, such as the soaker tube system, made with a flexible tube, a cap to be applied to its circumference and an electric drill or if you want to create a simpler system, plastic bottles are enough. Even a set of comfortable and beautiful sofas with padded cushions are excellent to give comfort and well-being during the session. Outdoor umbrellas are not to be missed, essential products to make the garden at home or on the shaded terrace. There are different types of umbrellas, in pedestal, stone or hard plastic or classic table tops. Furthermore, to prevent them from breaking due to strong winds and rains, the umbrellas are made with resistant and high quality fabrics.


A very useful, elegant and functional element that serves to beautify gardens and villas, is the pergola. The pergola is based on a structure composed of beams, crosspieces and joists. It is supported by pillars, whereas the overlying lattice is formed by beams on which different types of vegetation are born so that the arbor is completely covered. The roof that can be flat or round, is always closed while the side walls are open. The function of the pergola is to give shade, in fact it is almost always found in the garden. The pergola can be made with different materials such as wood, metal or masonry. The one in wood can be of three types (teak, nordic pine and chestnut) and adapts to any type of environment and is more economical than the other two, but is more complicated to clean. Teak wood is the most durable and has a honey color. For pergola roofs there are tarred cardboard to be fixed on wooden structures. Instead the metal and masonry structures do not require particular maintenance, they are very resistant but economically very expensive. It is possible to build a pergola through the faidate, you just have to follow the rules. Subsequently it will be necessary to ask for authorization from the Municipality, obtain the permits and proceed with the construction of the pergola, obtaining bolts, beams and screws.

Outdoor chairs

A great outdoor furniture only the chairs that absolutely cannot miss. Indispensable furnishing elements, they are made with materials other than plastic with rattan to wood. Rattan chairs have recently become quite popular because they are made of waterproof material and are easy to clean, just water and detergent to get a chair like new. If you want to make an outdoor space particularly elegant, the iron seats are ideal. Elegant and robust, they are made in different styles. The only disadvantage is that it is very prone to rust, but do not worry because it is enough to paint them to protect them from damage. Very practical are the wooden chairs which, thanks to their closing and opening mechanism, can be placed in the closet or garage without too much effort, and are easily transportable from one place to another.

Outdoor furniture: outdoor games

People who are lucky enough to have outdoor spaces can think about putting games for children. If there is space why not think about decorating it with good games? It is possible to create a personalized entertainment area. It is known that children love little houses, so what is better than putting one to make them have fun? There are many types of small, large, rectangular, more articulated less articulated houses. One of the advantages of the cottage is that it allows children to play outdoors and make them stay in contact with nature, but above all to keep them away from video games, television and computers. The cottage is a space where children meet together and have fun in joy. They are made of non-toxic materials and without edges, so parents can rest easy and not have thoughts. Two other irresistible attractions are the slide and the swing. The slide is very appreciated, particularly easy to assemble and disassemble. It is obvious that no matter how safe a slide is, a parent still needs to monitor the child while he is playing. There are slides for all ages of their children. While the swings are a game of great fun for everyone. They consist of seats supported by two poles that can support and rock. It is also possible, through the faidate and with the help of a carpenter, to simply create one.