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Car gazebos

"width =" 375 "height =" 278 "longdesc =" / garden-furniture / gazebo / gazebi-for-auto.asp ">Like all the gazebos, even those for cars are inspired in their characteristics by the classic furnishing gazebos, that is they are formed like the latter by four supporting poles and a canopy, with the sides that can be opened or closed. The main difference between the gazebos for furnishing purposes and those specific for cars is in the characteristics of the canopies: if in the classic furnishing gazebos the roof can also be flat, in those for cars it is advisable to have a sloping roof as the accumulation is generally of substances on the roof of the gazebo could damage the entire structure and risk collapsing over the machine. In order to avoid this risk, the sloping roof would ensure to the gazebo a smaller accumulation, for example, of water, the weight of which otherwise, if excessive, could affect the carrying capacity of the entire structure and fall back on the car. Also for this reason the gazebos destined to cover the cars (especially those in wood or in iron) are covered by rather resistant tiles that allow them to have a more lasting resistance against external atmospheric agents, which over time could corrode it: in this a way to ensure the gazebo, but also the car, a better defense against humidity, frost and rain. Generally in the gazebo for cars we use the wood of the northern pine or the treated spruce as they are types of wood that are much more resistant to external agents and fading that could be caused by the sun. Sometimes the gazebos can take the form of a pergola, with axes that move between the different sides of the gazebo, and with the roof that rises above a hedge: this type of gazebo for cars it is also called autocover and can accommodate up to three cars. Any type of car gazebo, regardless of its characteristics, is generally sold in modules because in this way it is possible to adapt them to the measurements of your car in the best way, even if, of course, it would be advisable, before buying one, to calculate both the dimensions of the individual panels than those of the entire structure in relation to the car of which it is the owner. For example, to accommodate a car only, the gazebo should have measures such that the canopy is about 3.80 x 6 meters large, while for two cars it may be enough 5.80 x 5.60 meters. The modules that are purchased are delivered with the measures that are considered suitable for hosting a specific number of cars; of course in this calculation the height must also be included, since if you intend to host, for example, a camper then the height of the gazebo will have to be greater.Construction of a gazebo for cars

Setting up a car gazebo is a fairly simple thing since the modules are sold in kits with all the necessary equipment, including bolts and screws; sometimes it is also possible to request assembly at the selling company. They can be installed on a concrete or soil floor; it could also be aesthetically more elegant to fill the walls with wooden gratings. Generally gazebos with flat roofs are the easiest to install and their aesthetic performance is not very different from those with a sloping roof. For the installation of a gazebo one continues with the erection of the upright poles, then they are tied together, and finally the canopy is positioned.

Car gazebos: Where to buy a gazebo

Car gazebos are available from companies specializing in garden constructions, although they can be purchased, often in a more economical way, even in shops that sell prefabricated timber. The costs vary depending on the material with which they were built, for example a wooden gazebo intended to accommodate three cars, it can even cost up to 1800 euros. Even the decoration costs can vary, depending on the type of wooden grating you want and the type of color.