Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture, whether for the garden or the terrace, is composed of countless compositions that, depending on our space and taste, we can choose to buy or not so that we can furnish our open space in the way more suited to our needs.
When we furnish our outdoor space we need to create special spaces for every type of need, so for outdoor dining you need to set up a dining area equipped with tables and chairs and to spend time at rest or with friends we should set up an area relaxation furnished with sofas and armchairs, then there are many other outdoor accessories and furnishing accessories that you can use to personalize and embellish the exterior of our home.
To best choose the outdoor furniture we need we must carefully divide the space we want to furnish in the various areas we want to recreate, taking care not to load the furniture with too many furniture and choosing the right combination of accessories for each different area .
In choosing the furniture it is very important to establish where to place the furniture so as to buy them the right material in fact, even if all the outdoor furniture can withstand and withstand weathering, not everyone can be placed anywhere in fact the plastic in general it is very light and if placed in a very ventilated place it could fly away while the metal when exposed to the beating sun becomes very hot and therefore would make the furniture unusable until the sun disappears.
As a rule, it is always preferable to place the outdoor furniture under a gazebo or under an umbrella so as to be able to repair both the furniture and ourselves from all kinds of weather conditions.


The materials with which outdoor furniture can be made are varied, although the most commonly used is certainly wood that fits well on the outside and makes any room warm and welcoming while being durable and very stable.
The outdoor furniture can be built in various types of wood ranging from solid wood, a very classic and heavy wood, to teak wood, very durable and naturally water repellent. While if you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your garden, you have to choose rattan furniture that has a particular aspect (the wood takes on a form of interwoven mesh) accompanied by sinuous shapes, moreover, this type of wood is resistant to bumps and scratches.
The outdoor furniture can also be made in the various types of metal in fact we find furniture made of aluminum so very light and practical and other furniture made of galvanized iron (the iron is galvanized to better withstand atmospheric agents) but, if you want to give away to your exterior a classic and timeless style you have to choose the furniture made of wrought iron that, with its decorations can make your open space truly unique.
Finally we find the outdoor furniture made of plastic or resin, this type of furniture represents the most economical, functional and practical choice of outdoor furniture but, its aesthetics is not the best even if, lately, furniture is being made of very particular and colored resin that can give a touch of vivacity to the environment that we have to furnish.


After dividing the exterior to be furnished and decided how much space we have available, we can choose the right furniture for our family's needs.
First of all you need to set up a dining area where you can place a table and chairs, choose the size of the table based on the number of people you will have to host and also get a folding table to use in case of unexpected guests, then arrange, always in this area, a small garden wardrobe where to store the dishes and glasses to use for lunch, choose all the furniture in the same area in the same style and in the same material.
For the relaxation area choose a complete living room or buy the single pieces and combine them together, buy a living room, armchairs and a small table to use as a support point and, if you still have space, also place an outdoor rocking that embellishes and complete relaxation in the area.

Outdoor furniture: purchase

The prices of outdoor furniture vary greatly depending on the material chosen and the number of furniture to be purchased, the cheapest furniture is made of plastic which starts at a price of about fifty euros for a small table and four chairs to which you have to add the cost of the remaining furniture.
The highest price is that of rattan furniture that start at four hundred euros for a complete living room and arrive at very high figures for a whole piece of furniture so before purchasing, evaluate the cost of the entire furnishing and compare various proposals and estimates in so as to choose the one that best suits your needs.
For the purchase you can go to an outdoor furniture store or a gardening store but if you need a cheap furniture you can easily find it at a mall or a DIY store.
For wrought iron furniture it is advisable to commission it from an iron craftsman who will make custom-made furniture for you.