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In the panorama of products offered by companies that deal with the creation and marketing of garden furniture, surely the wooden houses represent a type of outdoor furniture useful for various reasons.Certainly, before buying one, it is necessary to evaluate one's own needs, and therefore, compatibly with them, among the different models on the market, choose the one that, due to its type, structure, shape and above all dimensions, is more inclined to satisfy. these needs.In fact, with reference to the dimensions, there are very large and spacious houses, even equipped with windows and pergolas, which are well suited to be used as real homes, there are others that instead have almost reduced dimensions and for this they can be used as warehouses where you can store garden tools and other useful tools to keep your green space tidy, especially for those who have space problems or in any case have no warehouses or garages in their homes.All or most of the houses on the market are in assembly kits and therefore practically pre-assembled or in any case prefabricated. This applies mainly to wooden houses, although, lately, many companies tend to recommend the purchase of houses in different materials such as PVC or plastic, believing that materials of this type have a longer life and certainly do not have need big maintenance. On the other hand, these materials do not fully convince because they are very affected by atmospheric agents.If you decide to buy a wooden house, the advice we give you is surely to get from the retailer as much information as possible about the numerous structural proposals, in order to have the mind free of any doubt and therefore be able to choose in the knowledge of having all the information available. Therefore, it will be useful to expose to the retailer the needs that you intend to satisfy and together to find the most suitable solution to satisfy them.Build a DIY wooden house

For sale you can find a wide selection of garden houses, available in different models and prices, which therefore are well suited to satisfy not only those customers who do not pay attention to the price, but above all the one that, in the choice of the wooden house model to buying, however, lets itself be conditioned by the price even before the style or the choice of the materials, more or less valuable, used.
For those not particularly familiar with nails and hammers, it is always preferable to purchase one of the prefabricated models available on the market; for those who, in addition to saving, want to try their hand at building and customizing a wooden house to install on their own garden, they can take measurements at hand, go to the numerous DIY stores, where competent and specialized staff can provide all the most useful information on the choice of materials and equipment necessary for the construction. Once in possession of everything necessary to build your wooden house (screws, nails, fasteners, panels, wooden beads and so on), a useful advice, if you have enough space, is to prepare all the panels in the position they will occupy once set up, so that they are ready to be simply lifted and fixed in their final position, being very careful to correctly mark the points in which to make the holes, so as to avoid filling the holes panels, certainly ugly from the aesthetic point of view.


The question that many people often ask is whether building a wooden house, in the middle of your garden, involves the payment of charges or the issuing of special permits.
Well, it being understood that for any work of building type it is necessary a sort of permission to build or in any case a D.I.A. (complaint of business start-up) to be presented to the Municipality in which the work to be carried out insists and must be drawn up by a technician. This also applies to the eventuality in which the work is precarious and therefore simply placed on the ground and not anchored through fixed foundations and tubular poles driven into the ground.
In any case, if this is the general rule, as far as the specific case is concerned, since each municipality can still have its own building regulation, it is necessary to take into account the legislation in force in the place where the building work will be carried out, first to proceed with its implementation.

Wooden houses: garden houses: Wooden garden houses tailored for you

What can be the solution to solve practically a series of problems that could arise in the same time? By shifting the focus towards the furnishing of your green corner, our answer cannot be focused on the houses, with a special nod to the so-called wooden garden houses.
At a juncture of this kind, in particular, you will be offered on the one hand the possibility of guaranteeing a corner of absolute peace and fun for your children, without forgetting the need to obtain a small space, relative to the conservation of the material that you usually tend to use in gardening. Try a solution like this right away.